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Andre Syahidu

Chief Executive

Febri pranata

Chief Operating

MBD Corp was founded with a mission: to make people feel the best experience, Engage and Inspire. We’re constantly asking ourselves how we can do more and make a greater impact—and that starts by reimagining everything that a company and industry can be.
We belief that the objects we surround ourselves with should be both beautiful and useful. And also want to demonstrate that a business can scale, be profitable, and do good in the world—without charging a premium for it.
To achieve that goal, we’ve learned that it takes creativity, empathy, and innovation.
Let’s join us!


To strengthen society through engaged shopping experience.

Our Vision

Become a leading and nationally reputed E-commerce  Business.

Our mission

To exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative and valuable products for their daily life.

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Positive Vibes

The positive feelings given off by a person, place, or situation.

Respect Each Others

Treating everyone and everything with care.

Stop Blamming

It takes less energy to solve a problem than to blame someone else.

Deal Done

Always finish the things that you’ve begin.

Kaizen Every Day

Focus on getting 1% better each and every day.

Stop Making Excuses

Don’t wasting time by not even trying.

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