PT Maju Bersama Digitalindo

We emphasizes achievement through developing potential and enhancing performance of our team.

We are now seeking talented and highly motivated individuals who want a rewarding and challenging career within an organization that will offer professional and personal development opportunities.

Why Work With MBD Corp?

Be the one who willing to growth and push your limit

Learning & Development

To develop the quality of our human resources and create the Best People, we commit to keep improving our learning culture.

This commitment is manifested in a series of hard skill and soft skill trainings through employee development program. Employees are also welcome to join course, workshops and other activities to keep developing personal skills.

Great Working Environment

For employees’ ease and well-being, we provide various benefits, office facilities to support employees’ comfort, happiness and productivity.

Each employee also has a chance to implement anything with bunch of ide to increase the result in MBD Corp.

Great Culture

To maintain business stability, we implement the kaizen spirit, or Continuous Improvement , where employees are challenged to share creative ideas for mutual improvement and innovation.

We also prioritize ‘Respect for People’ both inside and outside of work scope.

Through various programs, such as appreciation day, Best Employee, and Years of Service Award, we are able to nurture harmonious relationships with and among employees.







Be Bold

be proactive, make decisions, take responsibility, try new things

Be Connected

meet people, make contacts, build relationships, see the bigger picture.

Be Curious

ask questions, do some research, learn new techniques, study our clients and their industries.

Be Together

play an active role in the team, support your colleagues, collaborate, have fun.

Be Better

look for ways to improve, challenge yourself, never stop learning, strive to be the best.

Be Yourself

Be the best version that you can be. When you make a mistake, learn from it, pick yourself up.

Find Your Dream Job

Are you ready to #BersamaBertumbuh with MBD Corp?